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McJerrow & Stevenson Legal Services

McJerrow & Stevenson is a well established firm with an excellent track record. We provide expertise in most areas of legal services and our team of lawyers and paralegals has many years of experience that will enable us to meet your legal needs.

This website details the legal services that we provide. You can e-mail an enquiry to or if you prefer please call 01576 202123 to discuss your requirements.


Family Law and Separation
Wills and Estates
Personal Injury Claims
Employment Law
Powers of Attorney and Guardianship
Legal Aid


We deal in all aspects of buying and selling properties whether they be domestic, commercial or agricultural and provide a full estate agency service. We also provide a legal service for leasing properties.

We recommend that your property is advertised through the Solicitors Property Centre (SPC) of which we are a member. The Dumfries and Galloway SPC has shops throughout the region, a monthly property paper and an excellent website, which will all be used to advertise and promote the sale of your property.

We also advertise through Rightmove, one of the UK's leading property websites. Rightmove offers a fantastic website that is available on computers, tablets and smart phones as well as a dedicated app. It is the number one viewed property website in the UK and will provide exposure of your property to to a wide market of potential buyers from all over the UK.

Domestic Property

We advise that you speak to us as soon as you are considering buying or selling property in order that we can explain the likely costs and steps involved and gather the necessary documentation in good time. We will keep you informed and up to date of all transactions that you are involved in. We can advise you on asking prices and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

There are many potential areas to be wary of when buying or selling property and our experience means that we will guide you through this and explain these issues to you in simple language.

Commercial and Agricultural

We have many years experience of dealing with commercial properties and farms whether buying, selling or leasing. We undertake referencing + work and understand that businesses often need to operate quickly and we respond accordingly.

Family Law and Separation

We recognise that separating from a partner can be one of the most emotionally difficult experiences periods of your life especially when children are involved. We will discuss matters with you confidentially and sympathetically and explain your legal rights. We will encourage you to resolve matters and assist you in reaching a favourable separation agreement without resorting to court. However if court action is required we are very experienced in presenting and contesting family and separation cases in the courts.

Several aspects need to be considered when you separate. We will discuss your situation sensitively and explain your rights in relation to:

The property that you own or live in
The children
Marriage assets, for example motor vehicles, savings or shares
Marriage debts such as loans
Maintenance payments
Threatening behaviour towards you by your ex-partner
Any other separation issue that you have

If you have been cohabiting but not married there are different laws that apply. If you are not married and have separated we will explain your rights to you.

Wills and Estates

We will advise you on making a will and listen carefully to how you wish to distribute any finances that you may have.

We will administer the estate after death in a sympathetic, prompt and efficient manner.

Personal Injury Claims

We will explain your legal position if you are seeking compensation following an accident whether this is for the cost of damaged property or for injuries that you may have sustained.

We have experience of many different injury claims and offer you an efficient and friendly service. We can advise you on compensation claims different types of injuries which include:

Road traffic accidents
Accidents at work
Defective products
Accidents in the street
Compensation for criminal injuries
Back and spinal injuries
Head injuries
Industrial deafness

Employment Law

We can provide legal advice on all aspects of employment law. We act for both employers and employees in relation to employment contracts and policies. If you have issues at work relating to redundancy, equal pay or discrimination then we’ll be happy to advise you on your legal rights. We provide advice on many employment related issues which include:

Employment contracts and policies
Disciplinary and grievance issues
Providing or restructuring and altering terms and conditions
Breach of contract
Unfair dismissal
Employment tribunal claims
Retirement and severance packages
Compromise agreements

Powers of Attorney and Guardianship

If you concerned about looking after your affairs (because of old age or travelling overseas for a long period) then you should consider a power of attorney. This allows you to choose who looks after your affairs. We can advise you on setting up powers of attorney to look after your financial and welfare issues.

You may not be aware that you require a welfare power of attorney to deal with the affairs of a relative who is incapacitated due to illness or age. You should also be aware of the need for a power of attorney if you run a business: what would happen to your business if you were incapacitated?

If you are responsible for looking after the affairs of an elderly relative or friend and they do not have sufficient understanding to grant power of attorney then we can assist you in applying to the court for guardianship orders.


If you are owed money, property or goods:
We have many years experience of dealing with clients who are seeking to recover money. We will explain your likely chances of recovery and the best way of proceeding with any claims that you may have on money that is owed to you.

If you owe money:
If you have got into money difficulties we will advise you on your best course of action. For example this may be through a debt payment scheme or through bankruptcy.
We understand that debt agencies can be unpleasant to deal with. We will deal with them directly which will make your life easier.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid in Scotland is run by the Scottish Legal Aid Board. There are two types of Legal Aid:

1) Legal Advice and Assistance - this will cover most of the legal work that you need apart from going to court. We will assess your finances to see if you qualify for Legal Advice and Assistance. If you do qualify you may have to make a one-off payment.

2) Civil Legal Aid – this is needed if you have to go to court. The Legal Aid board will assess your finances to see whether you qualify for Civil Legal Aid. Also we will explain to the board why you require Legal Aid and they will then decide if your case justifies a grant of Legal Aid. It is likely that if you are granted Legal Aid then you will have to make a regular payment to the Board.

Clawback of Legal Aid Fees
Depending on the outcome of your case, if you recover or preserve any money or property as a result of the legal advice given under Legal Aid then the Board may expect the amount they pay for your legal fees to come out of that money or property.

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